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1. The island of Barbados was once a coral reef.

2. Corals are tiny animals (not plants) called polyps.

3. Coral polyps belong to the same group as the jelly fish family.

4. Polyps live in colonies and their fused skeletons are called reefs.

5. Reefs are the largest structures on the planet created by animals.

6. There are many different types of corals; hard corals like brain coral and soft corals like sea fans.

7. It is illegal to damage or sell coral.

8. Corals take a very long time to grow (0.5 – 2cm per year).

9. Many of our corals spawn, all at once and only once per year.

10. Coral reefs around Barbados protect the beaches from erosion and wave action.

11. Reef fish need the coral for shelter and survival.

12. Our white sand is primarily derived from coral reefs; no coral, no beach , no tourism!!!!

13. There at least 34 named coral reef and wreck dive sites around Barbados.

14. Run off of chemicals or other nutrients from the land kill our corals.

15. Atlantis Submarine dives on the west coast on Freshwater Bay aka Clarkes Reef.

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